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“Patient, understanding, helpful, friendly, kind. I felt comfortable working with every one.” – Joanne G., – 05/11/22

“Jim and his team were very helpful” – Sarah R., – 05/10/22

“I was a first time home buyer and Jim did a great job of answering questions and explaining how things worked. He was always prompt in answering my questions no matter the day of the week.” – Kieran G., – 05/09/22

“Great communication, super helpful advice. Smooth and easy process” – Isaac K., – 05/05/22

“Jim and his entire team were very professional and attentive to every step of my home buying experience.” – Pamela G., – 05/03/22

“Prompt, clear communication. Everything went smoothly.” – Kevin M., – 05/02/22

“We appreciated the great communication from Jim and Emily throughout the entire process, and the educational tips and advice Jim provided. Thanks!” – Mariah G., – 05/01/22

“Great communication, always let us know what was going on or where everything was at.  Made this whole process of buying and selling and moving 200+ miles away so much easier.” – Brian C., – 04/30/22

“Jim was great to work with, he is always willing to go the extra mile if you have questions that need to be answered or need help with getting pre approved.” – Joshua H., – 04/28/22

“Loved how easy it was to sign everything online!” – Kerri-Lynn D., – 04/23/22

“Very responsive to questions. Willing to explain and offer advice on the best options.” – Brian N., – 04/22/22

“Jim and his team made the entire process very easy for us! They were quick to answer any questions we had and made sure we understood exactly what we had to do!” – Ryan L., – 04/18/22

“Jim was really easy to work with and helped answer any questions we had along the way. Would highly recommend him.” – Samantha L., – 04/13/22

“There was always constant communication. I heard back quickly from the team and always knew where we were at in the process. It was great working with them and would definitely recommend them to everyone!” – Emily F., – 04/09/22

“The personal attention from everyone I interacted with made it a lot less stressful than what I was told the process was. The quick response through email and and phone made getting questions answered promptly.” – Graham B., – 04/07/22

“Jim made this so easy from the day we started until the day we closed.  He and his staff were there to answer all of our questions on a timely basis. The service was outstanding!” – Jo-Ellen P., – 04/01/22

“Efficient and organized” – Samuel K., – 03/26/22

“Easy to work with. Whole process was made simple and easy. Jim was always ready to answer questions.” – Jason W., – 03/20/22

“My husband and I have been trying to refinance our house for over two years and Jim was always there to answer questions and helpful advice to get us to finally close!” – Kylie C., – 03/13/22

“Informative videos on what just happened and what to expect next were nice.  I also appreciated the prompt phone communication as well as Jim’s patience with me being a first time home buyer.” – Sarah S., – 03/07/22

“I worked with Jim previously and he did a great job. So this time around, I contacted him out of the blue about this duplex that me and my wife really liked. His was able to get us pre-approved and emailed us the letter the same day! This was so critical because the property was just listed and we knew that it wouldn’t be on the market long. We was able to see the property the next day and eventually got an acceptance offer! They really have a great team here. Everybody involved was friendly and communicated well. I really don’t think we could’ve gotten this deal done without his swift and decisive work.” – Hakeem G., – 03/05/22

“All handled professionally with timely advice and promptness. Jim’s assistant Emily Mainz was very helpful & made technical things easy for us. Many Thanks!” – Charles A., – 03/01/22

“Jim gave very fast responses and always fully explained any questions I had.” – Craig V., – 03/01/22

“We are very pleased with all aspects of the work.” – Stephen B., – 02/23/22

“Process was simple and fast.” – David D., – 02/19/22

“Thanks you made it very easy.  Thanks. Great communication” – Scott C., – 02/16/22

“As a recent widow, Jim and his staff did a great job helping me through the mortgage process.
We had owned many homes and had worked with Jim before, but my husband usually did the application process… Jim walked me through the application successfully.
As a result, I am moving forward with my new home and new life.
Thank you!” – Gretchen K., – 02/02/22

“Jim went above and beyond to get our pre-approval and purchase loan put together. His experience and knowledge was key in navigating our particular circumstances. His timely responsiveness allowed us to put a winning offer on a fast moving property. The process after getting an accepted offer through closing was efficient and easy.” – Steven K., – 02/01/22

“Very knowledgeable and willing to help.” – Devin S., – 01/28/22

“Jim is a real pro, is diligent and speedy! He works really hard and is clear and thorough in his communications. It’s a pleasure doing business with him.” – Jeffrey R., – 01/25/22

“Prompt, pleasant service, great rates.” – Jacquelyn B., – 01/25/22

“Jim is the absolute best! Always available for questions, keeps you informed throughout the whole process, and always willing to offer any knowledge or advice with your purchase or planning.
Thanks again!” – Jason R., – 01/24/22

“Jim ALWAYS has all his ducks in a row when we do a refi with him. He never misses a beat!!! We refer people to Inlanta and will continue to refer family and friends to Jim.” – Damion C., – 01/17/22

“Start to finish great service and communication.” – Linda F., – 01/16/22

“Jim, analyzed our situation and advised us best way to make this transaction. Jim is very knowledgeable and he really worked hard for our family.” – Francisco H., – 01/08/22

“We initially worked with another company that made this whole process a nightmare. A friend referred us to Jim, and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision to work with him. The whole thing was a breeze. He was always available when we had questions, very organized, and got everything done for us in a timely manner! Will be referring all friends and family to him!
Thanks again!” – Shelby C., – 12/31/21

“I really liked the “financial planning” piece. Jim took the time to listen to our financial goals and offered us different options.” – Gabriela R., – 12/28/21

“I love working with Jim. He makes the process so easy and is very helpful.” – Lisa M., – 12/23/21

“Jim and his team are knowledgeable, respectful and considerate.  They go above and beyond to get the best rate and and make the process of getting a loan efficient and stress-free.  I would highly recommend Jim Snyder and will use him again in the future.” – Karla S., – 12/21/21

“Jim was easy to get ahold of, answered all of my questions and explained the process. He was amazing to work with!” – Jessica P., – 12/21/21

“Easy process” – Michael S., – 12/20/21

“He is accommodating, knowledgeable, and quick to communicate.” – Rebecca J., – 12/17/21

“Great communication.” – Margaret H., – 12/16/21

“Easy & informative” – Collin C., – 12/15/21

“Jim was over the top all the time , very good communication, they really took care of us, thanks again” – Leonardo H., – 12/14/21

“Jim works to get the deal done.” – Jeffrey S., – 12/11/21

“Jim is always helpful and easy to work with.” – Donald L., – 12/10/21

“We have been working with Jim for years, personally and professionally with our clients. Jim and his team help ensure a smooth process and provide excellent communication. Thanks!” – Jason W., – 12/09/21

“Great experience” – Gina K., – 12/06/21

“Everyone at Inlanta was great to work with” – Brandon M., – 12/06/21

“Jim was very attentive and patient, always happy to have a chat with us anytime we had questions.” – Carolyn R., – 12/02/21

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