“Tried multiple banks, nobody could help until I talked with Jim, very knowledgable and found the best option for me when buying a home.” -David B., Social Survey — 04/02/2017


“Jim has awesome advise and explanations to give on items that I would categorize, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know.’ He explains throughly, follows up with phone calls and emails and is an expert at serving customers. Jim cared about us and definitely had our best interest in mind. He also was able to present different lending options in a very easy way to understand through the portal app we had and conversations. Jim is a passionate about what he does and I’d recommend him to a friend.” -Riley T., Social Survey — 04/01/2017


“Jim and Emily worked so hard to be able to make sure we got out home. They were in constant communication with us, had no problem answering our millions of questions as first time home buyers, and going out of their way to do things for us. Not only that, they are exceptional people in general, kind, understanding, friendly and helpful. We are so grateful for everything they did for us, from the little things, to the big. We’ve recommended them to all of our friends.” -Emma and Ryan, Social Survey — 03/27/2017


“Jim made process very smooth and explained each step. I would highly recommend him.” -Ryan H., Social Survey — 03/26/2017


“(Jim and Emily) did everything in their power to get the rates and loan possible. Awesome experience working with Jim and his team!” -Kurt D., Social Survey — 03/01/2017


“(It’s) always a pleasure to work with Jim.” Craig B., Social Survey — 02/27/2017


“Just the patience with the closing and then the hurry caused by the seller. Jim pulled off a 2 week closing.” -Mark R., Social Survey—02/07/2017


“I have worked with Jim Snyder on several occasions. Jim is very knowledgable about the mortgage industry. Jim knows how to fit the right product to the right customer. Jim and his team and very customer orientated.” -David P.,  Google—12/08/2016


“Jim helped us refinance our home and he is great to work with.  An absolute professional.  He doesn’t waste your time and knows how to anticipate your needs.” -Pamela T., Yelp—12/03/2016


“As a new home buyer, I thought Jim Snyder and his crew were great to work with. Always available to answer my questions and concerns.” -James B., Google—11/30/2016


“My husband and I have worked with Jim Snyder for many years. They are excellent and provide great service. Jim has always answered the many questions I have had and explains our options when refinancing our home. I highly recommend Jim and his team.” -Angela B., Yelp—11/30/2016


“Jim Snyder with Inlanta was an absolute joy to work with. Due to self-employment issues, we had a very hard time finding a lender to work with us and look at our individual financial and business history, despite our past home ownership. Jim gave us the individual attention that we needed in order to secure a mortgage. We have bought and sold 4 homes and this was our 5th purchase. One of the only people in the buying process that was always in control and on top of his game. By far the best lender we’ve ever worked with. We highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for an extremely knowledgeable loan officer and very smooth process. Thank you!” -Tony S., Yelp—11/22/2016


“Jim Snyder has been our mortgage guy for the past 8 or 9 years. Always keeps us updated on current market trends and makes suggestions when he feels it is something that will benefit us. his team is fantastic and very fast and helpful.” -Jamison J., Google—11/10/2016


“Jim Snyder and his team are my “go to” team for buying and refinancing. Jim continually monitors our current mortgage, to make sure we are getting the best rates. Jim is thorough and dedicated, he stays in touch through the entire process and is always available to answer questions.” -Jay B., Google—11/07/2016


“Have worked with Jim for several years.  His knowledge is astounding and the care he has for his clients is remarkable.” -Nicholle H., Yelp—10/27/2016


 “Jim Snyder helped us finance our first home. He made the experience as stress free as possible and found us a mortgage that suited us best. I will refer him to anybody I know looking for a mortgage.” -James S., Yelp—10/26/2016


“Can’t say enough about the service Jim Snyder provides. We originally financed our house with him and have since refinanced twice. Each time it is painless and Jim promptly answers any questions that come up. Thanks Jim and team.” -Jeff S., Yelp—10/26/2016


“WOW! What a mortgage company. We were so blessed to have Jim and his team working for us. They were there every time we needed answer to question. They are very personal. Thanks!” -Stephen A., Google—10/26/2016


“Once again Jim worked his magic and helped us lower our interest rate, while knocking 10 years off of our mortgage !!” -Dan H., Yelp—10/20/2016


“Jim Snyder and his team are great!” -Cari W., Google—10/13/2016


“This was our third closing with Jim Snyder. We never even shopped around for rates, no need, we just called Jim and he took care of everything. Jim even called the title company to make sure we had a separate check from closing on the old house for the down payment on the new house. Smooth closing once again! We would highly recommend Jim and Inlanta!” -Robin L., Yelp—10/06/2016


“Jim Snyder was a pleasure to work with. He took a quite complicated loan approval and made it easy on me. He got me qualified for a program I didn’t even dream of being able to qualify for, and all was done with kindness and class. I will be sure to refer him and Inlanta Mortgage to all of my friends and family.” -Lisa P., Google—10/05/2016


“Jim Snyder and his staff are wonderful and easy to work with.  They are efficient and work hard to get what you need done in a timely manner.  Would recommend them to anyone.” -Jessica S., Yelp—09/08/2016


“Jim and his team did an amazing job for my wife and I on the sale of our home and the purchase of our new one. They go above and beyond simply getting you a mortgage!” -Justin D., Google—09/06/2016


“Jim Snyder was awesome to work with. He helped with refinancing and getting the most money back for home improvements. Jim worked every angle making sure that I received the most money back while making sure it didn’t negatively affect me in other ways. I can honestly say that I’ve never had someone do that for me. I highly recommend you see Jim for your financing needs.” -Darin M., Google—09/04/2016


“I have refinanced three times with Jim and each time has been great. The last time someone came to my house on a Friday evening to help close on time.” -Timothy A., Google—08/16/2016


“Jim Snyder and his team are the best. From the first time we met with them to the final closing Jim and his staff were constantly in touch with us, walking us through each step and explaining what to expect next. Never once did I have a question or concern that it was not address quickly and completely. If you are looking for people of high integrity, helpful and competent Jim Snyder and Inlanta are the people you want.” -Rick R., Yelp—08/12/2016


“Mr Snyder and Emily are Wonderful that made the purchasing process for our new home effortlessly. If we had any questions they were right there to answer them.Thanks for the Excellent time and caring you showed us it not unappreciated. I would definitely recommend Inlanta Mortgage.” -Vanessa P., Google—08/10/2016


“I would recommend Jim Snyder to anyone who is buying/selling their home. We used Jim 2 years ago when we bought our first home, and he made the process so easy for us that we decided to go with Inlanta Mortgage again when we recently sold our home and moved into a new home. Jim and his whole staff are so friendly and so knowledgeable, they make the process so much easier and less stressful. Emily was very helpful with all our questions. I will definitely use Inlanta Mortgage in the future and have already referred several friends/family members to him over the past two years and they also loved the whole team. Jim also took time out of his busy schedule to help my husband with his credit score and it made a world of a difference for us!” -Victoria L., Google—08/03/2016


“I was in a difficult situation, Jim and his team when above and beyond to help me out. I cannot recommend them enough!” -Christian G., Google—07/19/2016


“Jim Snyder and his team were extremely helpful to us throughout our most recent home selling/buying experience. Jim helped us purchase our first home over 5 years ago, and we went back to him again since we were looking to sell and buy a new home. He and his team coordinated everything so that both closings went smoothly. They communicated so well throughout the entire process, my husband and I always knew where we were at in the process. Have recommended him before to friends, and will continue to do so in the future!!” Katie T., Google—07/19/2016


“Jim Snyder is the best in the industry!! He made the loan process extremely simple and was very responsive. This was the 2nd loan we have processed with Jim and will definitely be a customer for life!!” -Bryan K., Google—06/15/2016


“We have used Jim Snyder for several refinances and we have always been impressed with his timely responses and professionalism.” -David G., Yelp—05/31/2016


“Outstanding customer service. Very personalized support. Jim was always easy to talk to, very helpful, and had the correct answer to my questions every time. I would definitely use Inlanta Mortgage for all my home loan needs.” -Jeremiah J., Google—05/30/2016


“We have financed several homes with Jim Snyder and would not go anywhere else. His attention to details and flexibility are unmatched by anyone in the industry. He truly understands the definition of customer service!” -Connie S., Yelp—05/17/2016


“I have worked with Jim @ Inlanta for over 10 years!  Whether I was refinancing or purchasing a new home he has never steered me wrong. Trustworthy and efficient! Highly recommend!” -Kelly C., Yelp—05/15/2016


“I recently re-financed and worked with Jim at Inlanta. I have done this process numerous times over the years with different companies and I have to say this has been the easiest and most positive experience. E-mails and voicemails were returned promptly by himself or member of his team. Very efficient group of people and would highly recommend them to anyone needing mortgage assistance!!!” -Kathy W., Google—04/26/2016


“Jim Snyder is a great guy to work with. Whether you’re buying your first home or if refinancing your home. Have worked with Jim multiple times. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.” -Paul M., Yelp—04/21/2016


“We did have some difficulties working with our first agent from Inlanta. My husband and I got discouraged and tried another company that did not have the knowledge and experience that we found with the staff at Inlanta. In the end, Jim Snyder provided us with the expertise and experience that helped us secure our loan in no time. His dedication and succinct communication of information was what we needed. And now…Yay! We are living the dream in our new home. THANKS, JIM!” -Sarah H., Yelp—04/20/2016


“Jim Snyder with Inlanta Mortgage helped us finance our home. He went above  and beyond to make sure that we had the best loan rates and options . He was very easy to work with and readily answered any questions that we had.” -Linda B., Yelp—04/19/2016


“Jim Snyder did an OUTSTANDING job for me!  I can’t thank him enough for all he did for me. He treated me like I was his only client when in fact I know I was 1 of many he was working on at the same time.    If you need a mortgage, Jim Snyder is your guy!” -Paul C., Yelp—04/19/2016


“Jim is efficient, kind, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone needing mortgage or refinancing. He gets things done quickly and correctly!” Lauren K., Google—04/19/2016


“Jim was an absolute pleasure to work with! He answered all of our questions and was very timely with everything. Was recommended to him by a friend and would recommend him to anyone.” -Amanda U., Google—04/05/2016


“We are most gracious for finding Jim and his team! He came highly recommended from both friends and our realtor. He was on top of his game in every aspect! Our loan process was painless and we are incredibly pleased with the rate Jim found us, as it matched the lowest rates we had found in shopping. We chose Inlanta, as Jim was incredibly confident he would have no trouble finalizing the process in time – having both Thanksgiving and Christmas landing in our very short offer to closing period. Emily was incredibly helpful as well, and we were always thoroughly informed throughout every step of the way! The sellers were ill prepared at closing and it was such a relief to have all our ducks in a row, watching them scramble to do their part. Thank you for making our first home purchase a total breeze! We know so many people that are displeased with their decision for a lender! For anyone reading this – take our word for it and do it the Snyder way!” -Chantilly M., Google—03/07/2016


“Inlanta Mortgage got us a great rate on our new home, was timely in getting back to us, and included great touches along the way with their service. We worked specifically with Jim Snyder. My husband and I would highly recommend them to any new home owners.” -Megan N., Google—02/27/2016


“Jim Snyder at Inlanta Mortgage helped me finance my home in 2010 when I originally purchased it.  I went back to him in early 2016 for a refinance to get a better interest rate and a shorter term on our mortgage.  Jim was great and he set me up with exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks again Jim for all the help!!” -Jeff J., Yelp—02/20/2016


“Such a great experience working with Jim Snyder on the purchase of my first new home. He gave me a personal visit to explain and work out my mortgage plan and closing process. Thank you Jim for everything. Especially for keeping it stress free!” -Shardul A., Google—12/28/2015


“It’s been a long time coming as I’ve been busy with my new house, but I can’t recommend enough Inlanta Mortgage, and more specifically, Jim Snyder to help out on mortgage needs.  My parents have used him for years, and after purchasing my first home, I understand why.  Extremely efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and patient (for newbies like myself), are all characteristics one could come to expect from Inlanta Mortgage.  I didn’t have the greatest credit, but Jim was able to get me an excellent rate, and also provide me with some great first time home buying programs and incentives!  I can’t say enough good things about them and will/have recommended them to friends and family.” -Luke A., Yelp—12/19/2015


“Jim Snyder did great job of explaining our opinions and he was able to get us a prime rate for our refinance.  Thanks to Jim we are saving a whole lot of money in preparation for our retirement.” -Wayne G., Yelp—12/02/2015


“Jim and his team were helpful and very easy to work with during the purchase of our new home. I’d recommend them to anyone.” -Andy P., Google—11/30/2015


“Jim Snyder and his team at Inlanta Mortgage helped us finance our new home. They did a great job to guide us through the process.”-Samantha L., Yelp—11/23/2015


“Jim is a great guy he went above and beyond. Thanks Jim and all the staff at Inlanta.” -Jeff K., Yelp—11/04/2015


“I am very to happy to write this review for Inlanta Mortgage in Pewaukee.  We had the privilege of working with Jim Snyder, and recommend him without reservation.  From the very first day, we felt well informed on the steps that we needed to take to purchase the home that we wanted.  Jim always answered our questions in detail, provided price comparison portfolios (if we happened to be torn between two houses) and provided us with detailed answers about where our money was going.  He always looked at the best rate options, and loan options for our needs and budget. His knowledge about financial planning also made us feel at ease.  Jim was there from start to finish and we appreciate his five-star customer service.  Additionally, after closing, we know that Jim will still be there to answer any questions we have.  Thank you Jim, for a wonderful experience!” -Cat M., Yelp—10/20/2015


“Absolutely amazing experience with Jim Snyder! From the first time buying a home to refinancing both times were smooth, easy and enjoyable! He was great at explaining everything and extremely helpful with anything we needed him for! I recommend Jim to anyone and everyone!!” -Jessica W., Yelp—09/23/2015


“I have worked with Jim Snyder at Inlanta Mortgage a couple times now and both experience have been great.  The on-line tools available to review mortgage options, fill out paperwork and submit documents is great and allows you to prepare for closing remotely with ease.  Jim and his team are very responsive to e-mails and made the entire process as efficient and painless as possible.  I would definitely do business with Jim again and recommend Jim and Inlanta to anyone looking to purchase or refinance a home.” -Steve B., Yelp—09/23/2015


“Jim Snyder was great to work with!  He provided me with great options, service and exceeded my expectations with my aggressive timeline to close within 3 weeks.  This is my third transaction with Jim at Inlanta Mortgage, I highly recommend Jim and his team.  With his help we are very happy in our wonderful new home.   Thank You Jim!” -Denise P., Yelp—09/10/2015


“I called Jim S at Inlanta Mortgage to help me with refinancing my home. He walked me through all the steps and answered all my questions thoroughly and kept in contact with me throughout the entire process.  I can now breathe easier financially, and have Jim S to thank for that!” -Darand F., Yelp—09/02/2015


“It was a painless process and Jim Snyder was great to work with. Much of the paperwork was sent and signed electronically. My Closing meeting even came to me! Very convenient!” -Shellee R., Google—08/18/2015


“Great experience working with Jim. He had our refinance done quickly and with minimal hassle. I would highly recommend him!” -Brian B., Google—08/18/2015


“We have been clients of Inlanta for more than 10’years. We keep coming coming back because of the excellent service. Jim Snyder makes it happen!” -Suzanne H., Yelp—08/18/2015


“Great experience working with Jim Snyder.  He had our refinance done quickly and with minimal hassle.  I would highly recommend him!” -Katie B., Yelp—08/18/2015


“This is the second mortgage I’ve done with Jim Snyder at Inlanta Mortgage and he was outstanding and I would recommend him to anyone.” -Allan P., Yelp—08/07/2015


“Jim and Emily were excellent as always. This was the 2nd mortgage that we got through them. Very responsive and on top of everything. I would/will recommend them to everyone i know that is looking for financial aid when purchasing or refinancing a home.” -Jamison J., Yelp—08/05/2015


“We have worked with Jim several times and he has always given us top notch service.” -Erin L., Google—07/31/2015


“This is the third time I’ve worked with Jim and the Inlanta group and I am yet again so pleased with the experience.  Jim did a fantastic job staying on top of rates for us making sure to lock us in at the right time.  The process was smooth and I felt very comfortable that I was working with a great group.  I highly recommend Jim and Inlanta Mortgage.” -Dana H., Yelp—07/15/2015


“Jim and his crew were outstanding. From our initial meeting about qualifying for a loan, to closing the deal, Jim was great. Jim was able to offer multiple lending options and help guiding us to what was best for our financial situation. I have and will continue to recommend Jim Snyder at  Inlanta.  Thanks for the hard work and dedication.” -Aaron P., Yelp—06/30/2015


“Jim was terrific, responsive to phone calls and any questions I had.  They worked with me and helped me understand the process along the way.” -Casey M., Yelp—06/12/2015


“Jim made the process painless. He was very patient, answered all of my questions in a way that was easy for me to understand, always answered the phone or responded to voice mail messages/e-mails in an extremely timely manner. He made the process easy and fast. Also, the agents that were sent to do the home appraisal and closing were great to work with!”– Doris P.


“Jim Snyder at Inlanta Mortgage made the purchase of our very first home a very pleasurable experience. Jim took time to answer all of our questions and went out of his way to put us at ease throughout the process!” – Patrick & Lauren P.


“Jim is the best, We have now done three loans through him and won’t go anywhere else.He helps make the process of getting a mortgage easy and as stress free as it can be when buying a home”– Anonymous


“Fast, efficient…pre-qualified us in a day! I love that at least one part of buying a house is not stressful!!!” – Anonymous


“Jim Snyder and Emily Whitstone went out of their way to help through the process. Whether it was educating us on the process, explaining all of the paperwork, or keeping us updated and informed of what was happening and if there was anything that was needed of us, they both stepped up and made sure that we were aware of everything that was needed from us. Jim was able to make a visit to my apartment at one point so I could sign paperwork since I wasn’t able to make it to his office. With as large and terrifying as getting a mortgage and buying a home may be, working with Jim and Emily made everything seem much more manageable and less terrifying. I was very happy with the experience they provided me and will definitely recommend them to friends, family, and colleagues to work with them in the future.” – Jason E.


“Amazingly quick and efficient. I felt friended and taken care of at each step. My next house will be purchased through you guys. Jim, thank you and your staff!”- Ocie M.


“I thought Jim made the process very smooth for buying my first home. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to sit down with me and explain important steps and information that I should know in regards to my loan and other finances. I appreciated his time and knowledge very much. I would definitely refer him to anyone I know.”– Tory L.


“Jim Snyder is the best! He always knows what we need before we need it. Jim has helped us through the purchase of two homes- we would never go to anyone else. He always goes above and beyond to make sure the processruns smoothly.” -Jake and DeAnna L.


“I have worked with Jim Snyder for over 15 years. The services I have used have been exceptional and I would not even consider going with another lender. I would also mention that Emily was also patient, kind, and helpful making my experience a pleasant one. Thanks again Jim and Emily and I will continue to recommend your services to friends and family.” – Barbara L.


“My wife and I had been trying to buy a house for a few years. When my wife got a hold of Jim Snyder and his assistant Emily Whitstone, they were absolutely vital to us getting and achieving our dream home. We can’t thank them enough for everything they did for us! They were there at every turn, phone call, and for every piece of paper we needed to turn in. All the details and all the questions, they never hesitated to answer or get back to us. I highly recommend Inlanta Mortgage to anyone who wants to buy a “forever home”! Thank you Inlanta Mortgage for helping to make our dream of finally owning our “forever home”! – Peter & Monnie G.


“Can’t say enough about the ease of the whole process. Jim Snyder is the best!!!” – Robert G.


“Thank you for your help. Your timing saved our family from great financial stress, helped stop the destructive path we were on and gave us new vision for our future. Many, many thanks!!!” – Amy M.



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