Pre-Spring Cleaning Checklist

With spring only a month away, why not use this weekend to get a jump start on your spring-cleaning projects? Here is your mini checklist to get you started: Clean Out Your Closets: don’t put away all your winter stuff just yet, it’s still February in Wisconsin after all, but do start taking inventory of … Continue reading Pre-Spring Cleaning Checklist

Preparing Your Home for Spring

Spring is here, now what?  Maintaining your home requires planning and organization.  I’ve compiled a list of indoor and outdoor projects to get your house back into shape! Outdoor Projects Clean and sharpen garden tools.  They’re probably dull and dirty from last year’s labor, so give them a good scrub to maintain quality. Replace damaged … Continue reading Preparing Your Home for Spring

The Spring Buying Season – 9 Reasons to Buy!

It’s spring and the beginning of the traditional homebuying season! Are you considering a new home purchase? Ready to become a home owner for the first time? Buying a home is a big decision. Many things should factor into your decision, but if you are close to buying and just need a push in the … Continue reading The Spring Buying Season – 9 Reasons to Buy!