Remodeling? Be Wary of Rogue Contractors

Across North America, homeowners are finding themselves victims of home renovation scams – a dangerous cocktail that combines homeowners investing in their home either to make it more saleable or more comfortable for the family, in an economic environment that encourages inexperienced contractor-wannabes or scam artists to apply for the job. The result can be … Continue reading Remodeling? Be Wary of Rogue Contractors

Even After Death, You Are Not Safe From Identity Theft!

Each year, 2.5 million deceased American citizen identities are stolen, according to the fraud prevention firm ID Analytics.  Scammers use this information to apply for loans, open credit card accounts and file fraudulent tax returns. It’s easier to obtain a deceased citizen’s information than you think.  Fraudsters gather personal information by simply reading obituaries.  The … Continue reading Even After Death, You Are Not Safe From Identity Theft!

Warning: Credit Card Scam

A past customer of mine recently told me about a rising credit card scam that is becoming more popular.  The scam involves the fraudulent "credit card company" calling to inform you about suspicious activity to your account.  To "verify" that you have the card in your possession and that it hasn't been stolen, they will … Continue reading Warning: Credit Card Scam