How Do The Newly Implemented QM Rules Affect You?

In January this year, the federal government implemented its latest set of rules aimed at combating fraud in the mortgage industry. Will they affect you, and if so, how? Introduced a year ago, these are called Qualified Mortgage (QM) rules, and they’re designed to provide lenders with a high level of assurance that borrowers who … Continue reading How Do The Newly Implemented QM Rules Affect You?

What are Qualified Mortgages?

What Are Qualified Mortgages? In essence, qualified mortgages adhere to a set of guidelines designed to protect consumers from entering into a mortgage they can not repay. Most lenders, including Inlanta Mortgage, already comply with the Qualified Mortgage regulations and document a borrowers’ “Ability to Repay” a mortgage loan. Ability to Repay The “Ability to … Continue reading What are Qualified Mortgages?