Getting Pre-Approved

If you are thinking about purchasing a home this spring, now is a great time to start thinking about getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Getting pre-approved before you start home shopping is ideal for many reasons. For one, it will allow you to find out how much home you can afford. Your mortgage pre-approval letter … Continue reading Getting Pre-Approved

Ready to Buy a Home? Start With These Key Steps

Buying a home is a very exciting time for anyone.  You might be confused as to how to get started and what the first step is. Follow these first steps to obtain pre-approval for a loan and you'll be on the right track. Step 1: Identify Your Needs and Wants Begin your search by considering the … Continue reading Ready to Buy a Home? Start With These Key Steps

Mortgage Pre-Approvals Help House Hunters

Shopping for a New Home? Will you be dropping by a few open houses this weekend? Take a pre-approval letter with you! I can quickly assess your financial situation and provide a pre-approval for your home shopping needs. Mortgage pre-approvals provide house hunters with a number of benefits: Your Realtor knows you’re serious when you … Continue reading Mortgage Pre-Approvals Help House Hunters