Mortgage Myths Debunked

Pre-qualifications and pre-approvals are the same thing. FALSE Pre-qualifications will give you an idea of what kind of loan you may qualify for and can typically be completed in minutes. This informal estimate may be just fine for those in the very early stages of the home buying process. Pre-approvals are more involved and are … Continue reading Mortgage Myths Debunked

Avoid These 3 Mortgage Scams!

While the housing market slowly recovers, scam artists continue to prey on desperate homeowners. Don’t become a victim! Thousands of homeowners are duped each year through mortgage scams, according to senior counsel for the Fair Housing & Fair Lending Project. Here are a few of the most common mortgage scams to be on the look … Continue reading Avoid These 3 Mortgage Scams!

3 Common Mortgage Myths

Mortgage Myths Are pre-approvals and pre-qualifications the same thing? If you are pre-approved are you guaranteed to close your mortgage loan? Do all mortgage loans require a 20 percent down payment? In today’s blog post, I hope to debunk a mortgage myth or three and help you better understand the mortgage process. Mortgage Myth No. 1 Pre-qualification and pre-approvals … Continue reading 3 Common Mortgage Myths