10 Ways to Slash Your Summer Energy Bill

Letting your AC crank on full blast during the hot summer months can run up your electric bill pretty fast, but if you take these precautions you will keep more cash in your pocket. Patch up cracks and holes.  Do a walk through your house and check for drafty windows, holes or cracks in the … Continue reading 10 Ways to Slash Your Summer Energy Bill

11 Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts

Mortgage payments are expensive enough, why pay more than you have to on homeowner’s insurance?  I’ve provided a list of discounts that companies offer if you home qualifies.  You may be surprised what you’re missing out on! Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, sprinkler system , heat detectors and fire escape. Gated communities (lower risk of … Continue reading 11 Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts