Renovation Loan Options

June is the perfect time to spruce up your home’s curb appeal. The improved weather enables you to work outside, and there is still plenty of time left in the summer to enjoy your outdoor space once your project is complete. Whether you are undertaking a home renovation project or purchasing a house that needs … Continue reading Renovation Loan Options

Your Loan Road Map

Get Pre-Approved: Submit your application and the documents needed to verify your income, assets, and debts, including thirty days of recent pay stubs, last two years of W-2s, & two recent bank statements. Home Search & Offer: Your realtor will help you find the perfect home and write up an offer letter to the seller, which … Continue reading Your Loan Road Map

A Review of Down Payment Minimums

In light of the recent Fannie Mae decision to raise the minimum down payment, now is a good time to review the minimum down payments for the major program options you will likely use to finance your new home. No one program is better than any other, and each has advantages above and beyond your … Continue reading A Review of Down Payment Minimums