Make Yours a Welcome Housewarming Gift

Pity the new homeowner; he or she has just received yet another package of gift soaps. Or a third box of department store candies. Don’t make this mistake. You can distinguish yourself as a thoughtful guest by bringing new homeowners something different: An item they’ll like … and need. OK, money isn’t particularly different, but … Continue reading Make Yours a Welcome Housewarming Gift

Be a Christmas Angel to a Child in Need

This year our office has decided to sponsor 5 local families through the Christmas Clearing Council of Waukesha County. That's a total of 20 children from struggling families that cannot afford presents for their little ones. We need your help! Please consider making a difference in the lives of these children and donating a present. Every child … Continue reading Be a Christmas Angel to a Child in Need

5 Great Housewarming Gifts

Have you recently been invited to a housewarming party? While many of us love sharing in our friends’ and families’ excitement with their new home – many of us dread selecting a housewarming gift. What should do you bring? 5 Top Housewarming Gift Ideas Here is a quick list of housewarming gifts sure to charm … Continue reading 5 Great Housewarming Gifts