All About FHA & VA Loan Programs

With mortgage rates still low, now is a great time to buy! There are many different loan options out there today that make buying a home achievable, and it is important to understand your options throughout the home buying process. Continuing our discussion on government loans from last week (see our USDA Q&A with Inlanta … Continue reading All About FHA & VA Loan Programs

FHA’s Approved Condo List

If you are interested in buying a condo and are planning to use Federal Housing Administration (FHA) financing, make sure you check out the FHA's Approved Condo List. It will only lend money for condominium projects that are on that list. It’s more challenging in general to get financing for condos, because associations play such a … Continue reading FHA’s Approved Condo List

New FHA Insurance Rules May Affect Your Financing

Recent changes in FHA mortgage insurance provisions will make a difference when you’re deciding what loan program you want to use to finance your home. Lenders acquire mortgage insurance to protect themselves against customers who default on their loans. With an FHA loan, customers pay the mortgage insurance premium as part of their monthly payments. … Continue reading New FHA Insurance Rules May Affect Your Financing