Do We Actually Need 600 Facebook Friends?

Nowadays, it's the easiest thing in the world to send a message via Facebook, instead of resorting to the so-very-old-school face-to-face interactions of the past.  But is the ease created by Facebook and other social media eroding what it means to be a real friend? Our real friends, it seems, can only number 150 people, … Continue reading Do We Actually Need 600 Facebook Friends?

Housewarming Gift Basket Giveaway

Are any of your friends or family members buying a new house this spring?  Don't know what to get them?  This is the perfect opportunity to say "congrats" with a homemade gift basket full of household items that they absolutely need!  These housewarming gift baskets are thoughtful and also budget-friendly.  Read along to see how … Continue reading Housewarming Gift Basket Giveaway