An Appraisal May Make or Break Your Deal

An appraisal is an important part of any home purchase. This is an evaluation, ordered by lenders, that tells us exactly what our money is going towards; because we focus on the actual value of your property, appraisals are different than home inspections. An inspection looks deeply into the condition of a property, but is … Continue reading An Appraisal May Make or Break Your Deal

What You Should Know About Appraisals

Appraisals have been, and continue to be, game changers in real estate transactions. So it’s important to do your research upfront, before you put in an offer on a property. Bear in mind that appraisers, who are making significantly less money per appraisal than they did pre-meltdown, probably won’t go out of their way for … Continue reading What You Should Know About Appraisals

How to Buy a House

Tips for Buying a House Buying a house is a big deal! Here are a few tips you may find useful as you embark on your home buying adventure! 1. Check your credit. Most people need a mortgage to buy a house. Since the terms of your mortgage loan will be dependent on your credit history, make sure you know what condition … Continue reading How to Buy a House