Have you recently purchased your first home? If so, you might be wondering what you could do to prepare your new home for the upcoming cold. Here are a few winter home maintenance tips to help you care for your new home. Six Winter Home Maintenance Tips Caulk Windows – Seal openings with caulk to … Continue reading WINTER HOME MAINTENANCE TIPS


From booking travel arrangements to packing, a lot of preparation goes into planning a vacation/holiday visit. One thing many people overlook, though, is preparing their home for what may happen after they leave. When you go out of town, especially for an extended period of time, ensuring your home is safe from possible intruders or … Continue reading 10 WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR HOME WHILE TRAVELING

How to Prep for Severe Spring Weather

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Javier Ruiz This Thursday, April 14th, marks the start of an annual spring severe weather campaign to encourage the people of Wisconsin to be prepared for any possible tornados or other severe weather that comes with the season. For the first time ever on Thursday, sconnies can expect multiple mock … Continue reading How to Prep for Severe Spring Weather